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Off Grid Living - You Can Do It Too

Author: Connor Brown

 Many people have realised that it is possible to experience off grid living while still enjoying all of the modern conveniences that they they have become accustomed to. Off grid living means living free from the grid. It's a life without power lines, electric bills and the rising rates being charged by electricity supply companies for being connected to the electrical grid. This is an environmentally friendly and cost effective lifestyle and is an option open to just about every homeowner.

 Any home, anywhere in the world, even those already connected to the grid, can apply the principles of off grid living. There is a steadily rising interest in the use of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro electric power generation as a means to reduce dependence on fossil fuel burning power plants. The advances in technology have also brought about a significant reduction in costs. It's completely possible to make off grid living a do-it-yourself project with the aid of the many kits, resources and guides that are available nowadays. While global enrgy costs are soaring, those that have made the switch to off grid living are secure in the knowledge that their bills are steadily getting less.

Some are still scared off by the thought that off grid living will mean that they need to give up their prized electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. They needn't be afraid. Learning to control your energy use is all that is really required for off grid living. Start doing things like turning off lights in empty rooms. Use appliance that don't use power when turned off, like microwave oven and stove clocks. Computers, printers and some chargers continue to leech power and add to your bills when they are off or in standby mode - see those little indicator lights?. 

 If you're smart about the use of your appliances and luxuries, off grid living won't require any real sacrifices. Highly efficient and fully relocatable home are being produced to cater for the increasing demand due to the rising popularity of offf grid living. Similar in layout to conventional mobile homes, these one or two person units make use of passive solar design, solar panels and natural gas to allow for off grid living no matter where they are moved to.

 If you are interested in off grid living, but are unsure where to start or you require some more success stories to convince you, use the Internet for your research. Besides the many guides and resources available to get you started with off grid living, there are many people who can't wait to share their own experiences and success stories. When you start living off the grid you'll find great pleasure in the fact that you no longer need to run around looking for candles when the lights go out in your neighborhood!. You too can experience the freedom of off grid living regardless of where you live as this lifestyle is within easy reach of anyone.

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About the Author

Connor is an Electrical Engineer with a keen interest in DIY and renewable energy. He has put his interest to good use by completing a number of alternative energy installations at his home.

To find the guides he has used to complete his projects, visit and starting building your own.

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