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Off the Grid Electricity System To Generate Free Electricity

Author: Gary Ashby

Until recently, a system for generating off the grid electricity was something that a scientist could be expected to try out at home. But it is now a fairly commonplace and very commercial product. In fact, there are a range of popular products from solar panels to wind turbines, along with a few other systems powered by biogas and food-waste. I also learned to build my own DIY electricity system cheaply using a guide that I will share more about with you.


In some countries, these systems not only provide power for home use but also allow consumers to send excess power back to the grid. Some countries have other ways of encouraging consumers, like providing subsidies and tax rebates to defray purchase and installation costs. The main reason for buying it is still the fact that it cuts down on the utility bills.

But let's leave the savings and the grid out of this discussion, for now. Let's just think of it as a stand-alone system that allows consumers to generate renewable energy at home. As mentioned above, the two most popular systems for this are solar panels and wind turbines.

A solar panel is a simple contraption that is made of a bunch of solar cells capable of converting sunlight into electricity. The ordinary panel that can be seen these days on just about every roof-top is good enough for at least heating water. Add a few more panels, and it can just as easily fulfill the entire energy needs of a typical home.

For those with bigger power consumption needs, it may also be feasible to set up a wind turbine. It needs more space than a solar panel, and a minimum wind speed (around 9 or 10 mph) is generally required. This is why it works well in a large mansion with grounds big enough to keep neighbors far from the turbine, or in a rural setting with wide open spaces.

There are two ways for consumers to get one of these systems. Buy it outright and get the company to do the installation, or get a DIY kit. The do it yourself kit will be cheaper, but will involve a lot of effort and some knowledge about how the system works. There are also zoning issues and permits that may be required to be sorted out.

Other than solar and wind, commercially available systems include turbines based on bio-gas, micro-hydro power and food waste, among other things. Whatever the choice, the important thing here is that it's well past the day when this was a lifestyle choice. Now it is more of a necessity, and new construction plans include off the grid electricity systems. There's really nothing against it, except of course the cost and hassle of installing it. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY electricity system simply following a DIY guide online.

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Want to learn to build Off Grid Electricity System at home? Gary Ashby has successfully transformed his home to run his home for FREE making his own solar panel! You can learn about this DIY guide at his website!

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