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Completely Get Off the Grid Using Solar Panels and Windmills?

Author: Gary Ashby

Off the grid is an idea that has been around for decades and can even date back further to the old hermits of lore. Off the grid may have a negative connotation to some invoking images of that crazed man in the woods the truth is, that living off the grid is gaining popularity not only with the "hippies" but with business men and women, and even government officials. So the question of how to completely get off the grid with solar panels and windmills is becoming a popular one.


 Living off the grid simply means living in such a way that one does not have to use the electricity provided by power plants by use of alternative means. Solar panels and windmills are sustainable sources of energy. Using these a home can completely avoid drawing power from local power plants, there by owing nothing in bills, or at the very least reducing their dependency and reducing their electric bills by more then half. 

 This "Green energy" is soaring in popularity as the world realizes the harmful effects that the more traditional sources of energy, coal and nuclear, are having on the environment. The added bonus of relying on solar and wind energy is fewer payments, if any, to electric companies while reducing the carbon footprint of the individual. This is, in fact, one of the major reasons for living off the grid. Finances and lessening the negative impact upon the earth are drawing more and more to these alternative life style and there is no shame is stating those two reasons out loud.


 Once living off the grid was considered a life choice of the old hippies but as more and more contemporary families seek it out the more accepted it has become. In fact, entire communities have popped up around the United States alone that live completely off the grid depending on solar energy and wind power for their electricity. These communities enjoy many of the same luxuries and amenities that the "normal" household enjoy; they just do it with a mailbox that holds fewer bills.

One of the major sources of electricity for off the grid living is the solar panel. Many of us have encountered solar panels before mostly in calculators. That small strip up top is a solar panel and as long as the calculator gets light, it will work. The same principle works in powering a house by these solar panels. By a system of panels aimed at the light along with back up batteries for those cloudy days, an entire house can be powered. With sufficient and efficient use of solar panels it is possible to completely eradicate one's dependence on outside power sources such as those supplied by electric companies.

 Windmills are yet another way that many people are choosing to power their homes. Fields of windmills can be found in many countries which provide power to cities and towns. Off the grid living often employs wind power as well as solar power to eliminate the need for utility services. Cheap and clean wind power is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Living off the grid takes time to set up but once done the benefits are priceless. Reducing the harmful impact that traditional households inflict upon the environment is often the main goal of such a life; the added benefit of saving money can not be overlooked.

It certainly is possible to see more and more households employing either a hybrid system of commercial and natural power in the future along with the growing legions desiring a life completely off the grid.

 How to completely get off the grid with solar panels and windmills is a serious question that should be explored by everyone. The future is determined by our present actions and naturally occurring sources of power can greatly reduces the effects of CO2 and the build up of greenhouse gases. The sun and the wind are always present, why not harness them to power our lives.

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